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Exhausted- Humor Thy Name

# SCWBI Prompt for May 19, — “Exhausted”

Photo by Sam Solomon on Unsplash

A word ‘exhausted’ terribly exhausts Marketing strategists.

Immensely marketable and consumer catchy it is.

Thrives a business roaring

of Anti-exhaust


massage and medicine.



supplementing multi-vitamins,


ED&PE Control and Cure,

food and nutrients

are available

on buyer’s choice,

with a firm, sweet,

promise of guaranteed benefits.

People get exhausted

in journey,

in bed,

in work or job,

with opportunistic friends in greed,

with struggles and failures,

with pretending soothers,

and selfish relations,

from time and again.

Every one wants not to get exhausted-

by hook or by crook,

by medicine or by massage,

by known or by unknown,

by body or by mind.

“Exhausted” —

a state of mind

not a state of body.

Never think ‘exhausted’

for not being

a victim Exhausted.

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