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Profound Side of Why Diary Writing is Still Like Iron Man’s ‘EDITH’.

3 Reasons for the existence of diary writing habit and the bright shade of self- improvement from the writers.

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Cherishing memories never end, till our last breath. It leaves us mind-blowing whenever we try to recall our memorable days and drive us live with the flow of colorful, jangling happy moments which sounds beautiful to visualize, live and sometimes we feel proud at eye-watering moments because it can only break us, motivate us, rebuild us and help us grow better.

After a certain period, the heart-struck surprising events, unexpected long calls, time spent with our colleagues, get together time and ecstatic period of teen days, the golden period of educating ourselves,non-futuristic pastime with a large group of allies would always try to interest us even today by its unique exuberance.

There would have been days where we laugh looking at the days we cried, cry at the days we laughed but I think each phase of our life is more important and valuable than the period what we like the most.

People may change but their memories don’t.

Of course, we forget to live in the present day where we refuse to explore the moments of happiness and joyous touch every day we live.

I had a great chance to live with my grandparents who took care of me for more than 12 years from my birth and they do like me a lot as I was the first child in our family who gave promotion to the 40’s pair as grandparents for the first time.

Today, I am feeling blessed and happy to realize that I am the only grandson of my charming stick-holders to get the beautiful chance of spending more time with them when comparing with my younger brothers and sisters.

Of course, it is a bit unlucky for this generation toddlers who spend most of their childhood with maids than with their grandparents.

The experienced pair usually termed as “ Storehouse of storybooks and knowledge” has taught me things to handle, manage, and experience things at various stages of my life.

Specifically, I want to speak to you people about one firm thing that my grandma has taught me and made me realize the prime objective of that task.

It is about “Diary Writing!!!!”

To be very honest and specific, I hate writing diaries.

When I was told to write diaries of my own, I looked up to my grandma with my suspicious eyes thinking that she hasn’t updated to the trend and she stuck with her black and white day pixels together in her mind.

I heavily teased that thought and I strongly believed that the idea of writing diaries is like a rusted piece of metal.

As everything around us got digitalized to the core, it became infrequent or nil frequency to have the habit of writing diaries.

The world in the middle of digital modern society and tech buzzers, technology keeps us always informative, connected and brain dumped which makes the globe shrink as much as possible, I think.

This made me realize that the signal of writing diaries was weakened by the present system.

So I did think that diary-writing was a late fashion of listing up our events and experiences as a whole.

Parallel to this realization process, my grandma came up with many diaries that were orderly arranged year wise.

I was blown away by her regular work of maintaining her diaries from the year 1960 in the chronological order up to date(only 1 or 2 years missing).

At first sight, it reminded me of my sleep fetching history textbook though history interested me in several ways.

Tweaking the pages of the diaries, I found it very interesting like a gold hunting scenario deep into the mines.

There was lots of detailing in every phase of her life, many paper cuttings that made her smile, cry, and relive those old days of yore.

Every single page of her diary was filled with her golden experiences and memories.

Even though I was not able to complete reading all her diaries, I could get an overall view of why it was so important for her to maintain such a huge bulk of her life events and experiences.

I asked her intentionally to dig the reason behind this much effort to pull off hundreds of diaries.

She gave a bright smile and said “It is better to gain experience by yourself”.“That will give you a different shade of idea which I don’t even know”. “Go and explore”, she motivated me.

I tried my level best to explore most of its features by experimenting with it.

Then I started writing slowly day by day and gradually I came up with some answers.

The results are below following my point of view.

Here are my deep analytical thoughts about writing diaries.

Let me take myself as the diary writer now to explain and explore the journey of writing it with a great smile.

1) Boon companion of our memory:

The habit of writing diaries brings me the best rejuvenation of my everyday memory and it digs out the entire records of storage files in our brain which would be as large as several gigabytes per day.

It would be great to store all sorts of big data kind of thing into a medium-sized diary.

It helps me as a person to improve retain my presence of mind and its nature of spontaneous impulsive tasking.

It organizes the random memory of mine and helps to increase the insights of a day in every aspect of work.

One special thing which can relate this headline is diary writing helps not only to keep my memory fresh and energetic but also it taught me to save precious possessions which can contain anything that amazed me in the past, meant lot to me during that period.

That helps to add more emotions to the words.

The precious proofs which I can’t get even now with money make diary writings more special and valuable.

The proofs may be a bit of newspaper, most likable photo of mine, memorable sticks containing important information which I mean a lot till today, tailored parchment bits of my triumph/failure in several competitions,etc..

It keeps my brain healthy as when I try to route map such relating solid things to the events, it gives more feeling of reliving those moments visually.

It pulls us to the days I saw solid paper proofs or titbits about any important life moments in a weird situation where I got amazed or surprised and loved by it or became unhappy by those things.

Such experiences of saving and protecting my possessions add more sensibility to my mind and ensures the stability of my soul.

Many kinds of emotions reflect me when I write things in my diary and it stands out as an example for me again to move forward in my precious life.

2) User-friendly conventional guide :

Besides, using my diary for filling out only my experiences, it can also act as a guide which helps me to put a route for solving issues of my past.

Deep into the perks of diary writing, as a user, it maintains my mind to work in a systematic way of listing out things which I could have missed over several days, weeks, months but the action makes it more mandatory and sensible.

It gives me the directory path to revolve around my instigation and boost it up which makes the process simpler and the action is thereby finished simultaneously.

This feature brings me out of the dream of getting work done instead it makes the work get done as quickly as possible.

Hence this acts as a user guide to use them for self-improvisation in the execution of events and tasks.

It gives us an overall idea of how work can be well organized and its followups to continue gradually.

Even though this can be used as the conventional way of today’s online to-do list, the regular user will have better exposure to the kind of situation he underwent and things the user must reach up to.

Thus it can bring up far better processes and make the amplitude of the execution signal high to the sky.

Simply it enhances you as a guide to be the better of yourself and to get ready for the future.

3) Enrichment of experience :

This writing not only illuminates me to jot down things and helps me to execute things with ease in a systematic approach but instead, it enriches the experience and makes me an acumen.

It is a great opportunity to increase the revision of my own experiences to avoid tragic mistakes in prospects.

Becoming the king of our experiences makes us more mature, stable and helps us to live in any difficult phase of life happily.

The events that I failed to experience, moments of realization, a turning point, feeling of depression, dealing with different situations, motivation, and everything which I had mentioned in the diary moulds me a lot as a human being as a whole.

The process of purifying our character is a daily process.

Every time it teaches me the value of being human.

4) Source of happiness from registering our memories :

Writing manually with our own hands makes our story soul-touching and constructing our golden experiences in the diary results in a great feeling of yearningness and satisfaction of happiness, mental improvement which enriches the mode of unique nuances in diary writing.

These are the experiences that I wanted to share about this conventional way of exploring us by writing diaries.

I believe that sharing one’s familiarity or experience in anything will result in good for anyone at any time in their life.

Hope it will be useful for you…..

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