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Q by Peter Chang

A mini love story of timing.

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A letter to self in times of Corona virus

photo by author

Dear Self,

Doesn’t it bother you
What shall happen next,
When you donn that Hazmat suit
And send them a text? —
A text to your loved ones
that you’re probably on warfront
Attending a woman who bled last night
In a dire attempt to give birth to her child.
Doesn’t it bother you
That if the test results turn out positive,
You’ll be sent farther away
to a place forgettable in its own ways? —
Cold and clammy,
Untouched by sunshine—
Where doctors find their silver lining
And type with a heavy heart, “I’m fine.”
Doesn’t it bother you
That you’ve forgotten the sweet smell—
The sweet smell of home
Entwined with a thread of childhood longings?
Doesn’t it bother you
That you’re coming of age
When people no longer hug each other;
Their smiles hide behind the mask
And eyes convey helplessness?


Unaffected was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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