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Addiction: Predator & Prey

When an eagle seizes a salmon too heavy to carry yet its talons cannot release it they both plummet. The predator becomes prey of the sea.

Worn skull of a Bald Eagle with the sharply curved beak. A tiny feather is embedded still above left nostril.
Author’s photo of Bald Eagle Skull found on Pacific Coastal shore
Bald eagle perched in fir tree, head cocked behind, a profile  staring intently. Head white, beak yellow and body black.
Photo of Bald Eagle taken by a bereft mother, Pacific Coast.

My dearest friend lost her 39 yr old son in this epidemic of poisonings with the contaminant Fentanyl. He was addicted to Heroin; with compulsions, lack of control, negative consequences, tolerance leading to higher dosing and avoidance of brutal withdrawal symptoms. He often made use of rehab; recovering for years at a time, Narcotics Anonymous, clean needles and longer acting narcotics. Tragically he was not using pure medical Heroin, or using his own supply at a safe injection site the day he relapsed. At supervised sites the use of drugs that are contaminated resulting in overdoses are certainly recognized and treated. I carry the antidote Nalaxone wherever I go as do many friends of those in the grip of addiction.

3 bronze figures in an agonizing knot. Man’s hand extends pleadingly covered with dead leaves. 1 finger is polished gold
Author’s photo Rodin Museum Garden, Paris

In his mother’s words;

“A tormented path to destruction….. the horrendous loss and grief hits hard, crashing in from no where and sinking like a boulder.”

Calm blue ocean bay but for a ribbon of wind tossed water and a man swimming away from shore. My friend’s son.
Mother’s photo of her son swimming in a Pacific Ocean Bay

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