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How to attain your right to financial freedom in the New Normal

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The pandemic happened and inevitably most people couldn’t go to work to earn a living, some others lost their jobs because they were deemed surplus to requirements in their organisations.

This led to a global depression. Workers were forced to work remotely and those who were suspended or laid off from work desperately needed to try out new ways to pay their bills which inevitably lead to unhealthy investments.

I was one of such people, I have always been an investment enthusiast, I work for a Smoothie brand in the logistics department and I do Content writing on the side but due to the lock-down I had to stay back home so it enabled me to focus on my writing and explore other forms of investment.

Investment is great, in the long run, it is the best way to achieve financial freedom, most companies would tell you to come invest in a particular initiative like the stock market or Agriculture but there are certain preconditions that you should have in place to ensure you are on the right path to financial freedom.

Imagine you work a 9–5 job that pays you 200 dollars per month and one morning you decide to use half of that income to invest in mutual funds or stock to start building your portfolio.

If you only have savings of 150 dollars and an unfortunate event happens like the pandemic.

You might be forced to withdraw your investment or use up all your savings which would leave you broke and you would would have to start all over again.

Trust me, it would continue in that cycle until you decide to start earning more.

Two Major ways to break the Break the Broke Cycle

Learn a Skill

Do you know the sad thing about jobs?

Its the fact that you are not in charge of your time and your employers can just wake up one morning and tell you to sit back home because they cannot pay you or because your services are not needed at the moment.

When you acquire a skill, you’ve not only become self-employed but you’ve gained a superpower.

A superpower that enables you to have more time for yourself and control when you want to work.

Learning a skill is just the starting point but becoming an expert at that skill is what really matters.

Your employers can take away your job from you but they cant take away your expertise.

Top Skills to learn in 2020


-Digital Marketing

-Content Writing


Start an E-Commerce Store

Most people prefer to stay home and order for whatever they want because of the fear of the pandemic and this is a good time to setup an E-commerce store to sell a product.

The product could be clothes, jewelry, Books, beauty products.

The point is you can sell anything online but make sure you build an online presence and you could do a survey to see if that is what your audience wants because the last thing you want is selling a product that nobody wants.

This would mean that you would have to learn digital marketing to learn how to grow your brand.

I personally recommend Udemy and Hubspot to learn about digital marketing courses.

Most of the courses on Udemy are at a discount, so you could go grab them now.

A man holding money
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The New normal is here and it is here to stay, I indulge you to get to work on the two ways provided in this article and you would always be ready for any kind of situation and you would have enough income to invest in what you are genuinely interested in.

Tobou Egbekun is a Content writer and Copywriter looking to add value to society.

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