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You’re not getting enough engagement because you’re not telling your Story

Photo by Nickxshotz on Unsplash

What’s the reason for going on a date? To share experiences and get to know each other, right? How would you feel about a person who just talked about stuff but never talked about themselves?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Communication means the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.

It’s all about — give and take.

You might be dropping helpful facts, but if you’re not adding your stories, people would not connect with you and know who you are — it’s that simple.

Many writers are creating helpful content on the Internet. We research and try to put it in our own words to make it look like we know what we’re saying. But the problem with that method is that 90% of writers do it.

But the people that win the readers’ hearts are the ones who freely use their stories to push their points.

I used to fight myself over including my experiences on topics because I felt like — What do I know or who would even listen — I thought I needed to have reached a certain level to be able to get listened to, but I didn’t realize that:

We’re all at different levels, and people would find your stories helpful, no matter what.

I was only looking at the people way ahead of me — But it goes two ways.

I started by sharing my stories and experiences in my Newsletter, and my subscribers replied positively, thanking me for sharing — I think that was the first time I actually got a reply from my subscribers, and it was a game-changer for me.

I didn’t see it as a bad thing anymore. My strategy was to just use anything I had learned in my writing journey to pass across a point.

Jcole, for example, always tells stories in his Music. Musicians, in general, tell their stories through their music, which makes people feel connected to them.

2pac is another example. 2pac was open about his reality and easily shared his stories in his music. He might have seemed controversial, but that’s what decides his audience.

There may be some people who may not like what he talks about, and at the same thing, there are other people who could easily relate to what he was saying and would crave to hear more of his records.

You have to be okay with sharing your point of view — and not just being Objective.

These days, I use how I’m feeling to craft articles because my feelings are connected to my experiences. When I turn on my computer to write, I just move on with how I’m feeling, add a couple of stories, and some points, then it’s at 1000 words.

It’s that simple.

I’ve found out that when you’re not holding yourself back based on what people think, you would write more, connect with people, and pass across your message better.

Photo by atlas147 on Unsplash

Look at two close friends for example sitting down talking to each other. Do they count their words and keep staring at walls thinking of what to say? Things just come out naturally. They share their experiences, ideas, and opinions on things. The more they share, the closer they become.

And that’s how writing is.

Your posts shouldn’t be strictly based on rewriting blog posts you saw somewhere on the Internet — You can do that, but people will get tired of seeing your content.

People can tell if you’re not being original — Just like you can tell when someone is being fake.

See your readers as your friends that you’re discussing an issue with. Tell them what you think, tell them how you feel about it, and give reasons why you think that way.

Don’t just write like you’re talking to a wall or writing a textbook. It’s Medium. People came here for recreational purposes and to learn a thing or two.

You shouldn’t sound generic — add a piece of you — add a story.

We’re all here to talk about our experiences and maybe make some money while doing it.

It’s nothing serious.

The more you can tell your stories; the more people would itch to read new posts from you each time they come to Medium because we are drawn to people who share a bit of themselves to us.

It’s the reason why there are celebrities — They kept on showing us parts of themselves, over and over, until we couldn’t do without them.

Thank you for Reading

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