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In A World That Smells Like Shit, You Are To Blame

And I can tell you why.

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I’m Almost Positive my Covid-19 Test Will be Negative, but…

I got tested for Covid-19 on Tuesday. And now I wait for results. At home, quietly. Without going out and about or even seeing extended…

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Real-life struggles, Do your know Sarah Hegazy?

I cried today. Do you know Sarah Hegazy, you should. Non- Fiction, I can’t seem to avoid Real-life.

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The Mirror Has Two Faces

Which one do you see?

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Race Has No Face

The White Woman Debate

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I Love Hate & I Hate Love

Do you love my love? Do you hate my hate?

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Now and Never Again

Have I run out of second chances?

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Together We Are Heard

Together We Are Heard

Photo by Christian Søgaard on Unsplash

Song bird, did you hear,

The crack of bones on bones,

While you were gliding through the trees,

While you were spinning up a branch-

And landing in your nest with ease?

Song bird, did you feel

The fear soaked sweat, drenching skins of different shades,

Or the heavy weight of hate-

It’s burden all consuming,

Crushing those beneath it and snuffing out their light?

Song bird, were you scared,

When innocent blood flooded the street?

When desperate gasps for air, for oxygen, for life,

Were met with ignorant, cold resolve?

Song bird, was it easier-

To burrow deep within your nest,

And avert your eyes away from wrong?

Or were you simply perched and waiting,

For the flock to swarm,

And echo back your song?

~ Feathertales

Together We Are Heard was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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#BlackLivesMatter — The Controversial Act Of Kneeling.

The excessive outpouring of hate is exceedingly ugly.

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