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An unwanted natural gift became the favorite.

Some stray life for which we work for no reason.This is human nature .

Photo by G.Lodhia

One fine day, two small kittens came into our neighborhood. One day, unknowingly, they made their stay in the corner of our sofa. They mewed with small voices trying to attract us to them.

Yes, they succeeded in their mission. As we arrived there, a small kitten appeared in front of our eyes. My son offered milk and cuddled it. We arranged a beautiful 🛋 couch for those kittens. One tragic day one kitten died. I took it to the doctor for three consecutive days, spoon fed it, applied all the medicines, but still, we lost it. This brought a great shock to our minds. From that moment till now the other kitten 🐱 is with us and is given the topmost care.

Photo by G.Lodhia

It is always with us while eating, sitting, sleeping.

But my question is why is this kitten sleeping 💤 like this. It never sleeps in the normal style, It sleeps in a haphazard manner.

Photo by G.Lodhia

I am not a cat lover but I don’t dislike them.

Anyways, I had never kept a cat in my house before but nature presented it to me. I took its care with true heart and now it is 9 months old. Hoping for it to survive happily till its death.

Thanks for reading.

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