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Why You Shouldn’t Diagnose Yourself on Google

It’s just one of those days and you’re busy doing your thing and suddenly, a headache hits. You think it will go away, but it doesn’t. You search in google for what you might have.


“Wait, I have brain tumor?” Now you’re worried. The worrying gives you even more headache. But you’re not all that pessimistic. Maybe you don’t have it, but maybe, just maybe you do?

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Yeah, being a hypochondriac is hard. I remember the other day(or night), I had a wound and it was burning pretty hard while i was trying to sleep. I just thought, “Let’s just google about this situation.” Well, turns out I had sepsis (according to google). Sepsis is a fatal disease which affects your other organs after traveling through the original infected area.

To make things worse, there was a story of a boy who nearly died of sepsis after popping a pimple. That was my situation, too. Except for the nearly dying part.


Oh, and yeah, you could also die while sleeping if you have sepsis. It was a scary to think i was going to die that night and not wake up to see the day. Well, here i am. Obviously, I didn’t have sepsis but i learnt something: Never diagnose yourself on google.

The point is how we are worried about something that’s very severe even though it’s highly unlikely that we (will) actually have it. You are unlikely to have a brain tumor. You’re also unlikely to win the lottery. Which do you think about more?

There is a 1% chance that you will get brain tumor in your lifetime. Bet “99%” never came across your mind if you have read that fact somewhere. You’re naturally going to worry about that 1%.

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That’s not always a problem though. If anything, contemplating about worst-case scenarios can sometimes help, if that situation ever comes. But don’t you see the point? Worrying about some random pain and trying to find what you might have is inviting anxiety. It can actually make you feel more sick. It’s just human nature to worry about problems that are going to come. Big credits to evolution for that. But, really, are they? I mean, they could come. But thinking about that and developing anxiety is just unnecessary. It makes you sick, literally and figuratively.

Thanks for your time.

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