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‘Time bomb’ Should Explode on Time

You should design your writing draft according to time.

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Are you wondering, what’s ‘time bomb‘ and what’s the time?

‘Time bomb’ is nothing but it’s your writing draft which has the capability to inspire and kill people’s lives. Your fingertips have the power to influence people. So it’s your responsibility to use it brilliantly. There are many lives out there who depends on your writing it can create a riot and can end the riot peacefully.

So don’t think you’re writing on any platform just to earn money it has the power to change the world.

‘Explode on time’ which points it’s finger not to any sort of bomb explosion. There’s an inner meaning lurking in it – you must write according to the situation. So here are my tips to place your ‘time bombs’ according to the situation.

Clickbait tip no.1

You should write about the current trending issues going on in the society. Because the readers will curious to pick up stories based on the idea, ruminating inside their head.

Clickbait tip no. 2

You should write about the topics which your followers eager to read. I think you’re pretty clear with this.

If more number of followers wanted to read about personal development, writing, startup, marketing tips, blogs, how to make money and so on.

You should write about what other’s want not what you want.

Clickbait tip no.3

If you’re a newbie, try to figure out what’s the current trending topic, what’s the story which has more number of claps. It gives you an idea to place your ‘Time bomb’ based on the need, situation and time.

Make sure that your next story is a ‘time bomb’.

Here I’m mentioning some of the newbie’s to illumination. so, thses tips can be helpful to them and i would like to give a warm welcome to them: Rebecca LeBard, Augustine Habenga, Shoreditchpoet, Ethan Taylor, Rose Bak, Nikki Petrova, Jessica Vu, Rachel Sample, Hannah Altagracia, Kasia Kalinowska, Anna Klawitter, Alisha Hossain, Adriane Riesser, Suryatapa, Sahba Sanai, Trevor Mahoney, Jim Latham, The Somnambulist Society, Mike Maher, Genvieve, J. D Castillo Garcia.

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