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Think Less. Why thoughts suck.

Overthinking kills our productivity

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Chapter 7 : Instant Gratification Is Killing Us

Social media created one of the biggest struggle of the new generation.

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Do You Want To Improve Your Life?

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Fourteen days without cell phone

Yes, for two weeks I have been without a cell phone. That gizmo that takes us half of our life; may be more.

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Best Essays on Personal Development from Øivind H. Solheim

How to Become Stronger  — a Selection for Growth

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Needing A Scapegoat — Why Deciding Means Failing

Make your own decisions to take back your life

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Chapter 5 : Money is King

The relationship we have with money is messed up and it is killing us.

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The Truth About Meditating: Underlying Ideas in Vipassana

And how this changed the way I meditate

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How to Capture your Night Brilliance

This minor trick will save you time and avoid confusion.

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Correct These Mistakes Before It Becomes Your Habit

Corrections are always necessary to gear up our life back on track.

Photo by on Unsplash

Bad habits have the potential to significantly impact our lives negatively. On the other hand, various good habits have the potential to lead us towards a successful life, in a shorter and longer run.

So here we go, I’m going to list down some of the habitual mistakes which we used to do daily.

1. Overthinking

We can’t imagine a world with humans can’t able to think and do things wisely.

So, here I’m talking about overthinking. As you know overthinking can’t solve any problems, but it can put you in trouble. It can lead us to depression, stressful life, and anxiety.

Good faith is the key to solve overthinking.

Face the problems, when it comes. Overthinking can’t put a stop to fate, after all, you want to encounter it. Overthinking can’t delay fate by one hour.

2. Checking Instagram and Facebook 24×7.

Social media is marvelous because it’s informative. Put the desired time to scroll on social media, so that you can complete the things before the deadline.

3. Fueling drama

When to see dramas? When you’re taking rest in between activities, clearly for leisure.

Don’t consider drama as a needed work and completing the required work during rest. it’s a bullshit idea. so, don’t ever imagine to practice that.

4. Sleeping late

If sleeping late is one of your habit, it can increase the risk of injury and accidents at home, work, and on the road also increases. If it continues, lack of sleep can affect your overall health and make you prone to serious medical conditions, such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Scientific studies show, a human being must sleep for at least 8 hours in a day. It is necessary for our brain and body to function healthily and accurately.

5. Overspending

If you belong to this category, you can’t afford to save money and you’ll end up with higher credit card payments.

Are you familiar with budget rule? Senator Elizabeth Warren popularized “50/20/30 budget rule” (sometimes labeled “50–30–20”) in her book, All Your Worth: The Ultimate Lifetime Money Plan. The basic rule is to divide up after-tax income and allocate it to spend: 50% on needs, 30% on wants, and socking away 20% to savings.

When you wake up from your dreams one day, nothing will be there and your life will be vain.

Stop overspending, so that you can save faster.

6. Video games

Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 2, call of duty, Angry birds, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. I mentioned a few, I guess.

Life changed, so as the people. In the past, people started to migrate to video games to make use of their spare time. But now, the scenario is completely changed; they became addicted to video games and turned out, they are using spare time to complete requirements.

So, stay out of it, Cause its magnetic field has the capacity to pull you in.

7. Taking things personally

To throw away this mistake, first of all, you need to understand that everyone is busy with their own business and they aren’t talking about you all the time.

As a human being, the above-mentioned things are necessary at some point in time, but it’s our responsibility to prevent these mistakes from becoming our daily habit.

Everything is necessary, but there needs to be some limits.

Correct These Mistakes Before It Becomes Your Habit was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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