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Are You Ready for Industrial Revolution 5.0?

Industrial Revolution 5.0 will accord Human Touch to Robots.

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The industrial revolution always brought a drastic change in human civilization. Revolution 1 to 3 has brought steam engines, electricity, and computers, one by one. The first three revolutions have entirely changed the facet of society. Now we are into the cyber revolution, which is the industrial revolution 4.0. It is also termed as “cyber-physical systems.”

Revolution 4.0 is all about combining human and machine capabilities.

It is about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet Of Things, Genome Editing, Biometrics, 3D Printing, Autonomous Vehicle, Augmented, and Virtual Reality.

It is also about machines replacing humans to increase the efficiency and productivity in industries.

Revolution 1 to 3 has revamped human society, and machines become a prominent part of our lives. With the industrial revolution 4.0, technology will be embedded in our lives or possibly in our bodies.

Industrial revolution 4.0 is still not fully incorporated. The question is, why are we talking about the industrial revolution 5.0? Did we already get an institution for the needs of human touch?

What is the Industrial Revolution 5.0?

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The industry revolution 5.0 is all about adding a human touch to automation. It will make humans working alongside robots possible. Let’s understand this way. Robots are good at dangerous, tedious, and precision work. Humans are good at decisive, intelligent, and analytical work. If the capabilities of robots and intelligence of humans are combined, it can do wonders.

The concept that humans are poor substitutes for robots is proven wrong. There are many workers at the assembly line who make crucial decisions which make operation smooth. The intelligent and rational thinking of humans makes them supreme power.

Even Tesla CEO Elon Musk admitted in his tweet from 2018 that “Extreme automation was a mistake. “Humans are Underrated.”

Industry revolution 4.0 focuses on the complete automation of businesses and society. Robots were behind the cage and doing monotonous work. It raises the question of machines replacing humans at work. In contrast, industry revolution 5.0 will place humans beside robots and make them work together. No longer robots will be behind the cage.

Humans will do innovative and rational work in which they excel. Robots will do monotonous and precision work in which they excel.

Final Thoughts

Industry revolution 5.0 is still a long way to arrive, but the arrival cannot be held back. The reason is simple: once we used the more efficient technology, there is no point in reverting and using old technology.

But without finding answers to crucial questions, we cannot move forward. The problem is extreme connectivity. Extreme connectivity can change the complete structure of the existing society. The extremely automated network can lead to total collapse. If left untamed can lead to dictatorial governance.

There is no doubt that industry revolution 5.0 will bring many advantages. But before incorporating such a powerful technology, planning and preparation for expected outcomes must be done.


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