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We live in uncertain times. A time of conflict, upheaval, violence, and war. A time of great stress and anxiety where bad news is the norm…

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7 Amazing Short Stories From Random Powerful Words-7th Word: Triumph

Life lessons learned from just one word

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Human Being is a Verb and Not Just a Noun

One Very Important Fact That We Forget

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Camouflage Spider

Photo by Ray Bilcliff on

Our Human Response To Change

We were doing some yard work some two months back. I had moved some old drinking cups we repurposed for potted plants to the side of the house. We had abandoned them for several months and they were now filled with hardened dry sand and shriveled dried out twigs and vines.

As I cleaned around the side of the house, I noticed a brown spider. I think I might have dislodged it from its former home in the course of cleaning. It moved swiftly probably wary from my presence and proceeded to hide among the dry twigs and vines in the old cups. I assume it thought it wise to camouflage itself to avoid notice even though I watched its every move.

The spider’s behavior got me thinking -It has been dislodged from its home but rather than launch out and find a new home, it sought the familiar — somewhere to hide nearby, somewhere safe from the ‘marauding’ human. Even when I moved slightly, it remained where it was believing itself invisible.

This got me thinking about how we respond to sudden change and events in life — job loss, illness, death of a loved one, relocation, and myriad other challenges. We tend to resist change and seek familiar terrain refusing to look out at the vast horizon or even consider new possibilities or opportunities. We stare longingly at closed doors, living in denial and refusing to believe that those doors are firmly shut in our faces. Sometimes, we allow resentment set in, steeling our hearts and minds against any suggestions, opinions, or advice and blame others for our predicament.

Like that spider camouflaged under the dried twigs and dead vines, we would rather remain in front of that shut door, living in denial and believing that what was lost can be regained rather than accept the reality of change and launch out in search of new vistas, new opportunities, and new experiences.

Imabong Faminu

Camouflage Spider was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Every Time I Gave Up, Medium Curated My Article

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What Great Writers and Conversationalists Have in Common

Take a peek to how these two exceptional people are related

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12 Questions That Will Help You to Count Your Blessings

Get ready to be surprised with your own answers

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elevator falls from the sky

marz in a dream

— an attempt at poetry: the tower of mind

The silhouette of a city landscape, and, in the blue sky, a sun is peering through the clouds.
photo by marz20k

Step inside the elevator ride.

Up the tower of mind.

Floor by floor the door unveils.

Though goes unrecognized.

Floor by floor.

Door by door.

All drive no excite.

Steadily with the rise.


What is this?

What is this feeling?

What is this feeling of sinking below?

Even though it is but anything so?

An acceleration out of control

Further up above we go

the more my weight

pulls me




Suddenly — a lightness! In fright! I fly! And from the height, an

elevator falls from the sky.

At the same time, did I realize

my own descent from up high.

And then, I arise

before I could cling on

to what did surround

my endless tower of mind.

This is the first piece from the collection ‘marz in a dream’ (as will from now on be mentioned in the kicker before the title), where I recollect dreams that intrigue me. I welcome different interpretations and takeaways, so feel free to comment a response with your thoughts!

— marz20k

elevator falls from the sky was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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