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I Wonder What it’s Like “A Pin Drop Silence” (Literally). I Forgot It Since 2016

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A Harmless yet Irritable Disease

I have this irritable condition that there is a continuous voice in my left ear. In medical terms it is called Tinnitus which is the perception of noise or ringing in the ears. It is said that it affects about 15 to 20 % of people. The noises that I hear are like

· Ringing

· Buzzing

· Clicking

· Hissing

Watch the videos to get the idea about Tinnitus and its possible cures

Sometimes I hear a certain scream type noise like a continuous tune that we used to hear when an old television used to drop its signal like toooooonnnnnnnnn (get it?). That’s disturbing actually. Moreover, if I use hand free on my right ear only, the left ear keeps making different noise as someone is knocking at the door thakkk thakk thakkk or tap tap tap. I am suffering from this condition since 2016. I got it checked by an ENT specialist. It was told to me that there is no cure for that and it is not dangerous either. Recently, the surrounding area of the left ear becomes hot for no reason and it’s disturbing, though there is no pain. Only solution to this problem is to use a machine that would keep that sound down ONLY.

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Wherever I go, it’s there, whatever I do, it’s there, it’s there, and it’s there

I know it is not harmful as such but what about continuous sound that I hear? Isn’t it troubling? You ear is ringing continuously for no reason. You have no idea how disturbing is that. The only time I feel relaxation is when I use hand free or during day time when people are speaking or some other voices. Whenever I sleep, especially during winters, I continuously hear voices in the ear, and I can’t help it either because of the pin drop silence of winters. However, summers are good as the voice of fans gives me relaxation but AC… you can imagine.

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What Its Feel Like a “Pin Drop Silence”?

Well, main thing that I want to share is that what it is feel like when there is a pin drop silence. The silence when no one is speaking, no other voices also. I guess I cannot have it in my life because with the passage of time this condition of mine would increase, perhaps. I wish I could have at least a few moments of pin drop silence in my life.

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Let Us Add Some Fuel to the Fire

You know what, in my room there is a window that opens to the street. All day long and during night I keep hearing voices of people, vehicles, street dogs and cats etc. Moreover, there is a school in front of my home and you can imagine the school time when kids come and go and how they speak, laugh and even cry. All this adds fuel to fire, ALAS!!!!

Let us have a moment of peace, my ear

Rest in silence (You know what I mean)

Rest in silence (You know what I mean)

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