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Walking Together

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How can you develop a fearless approach to life?

We should all aspire to navigate a hero’s journey

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Meditations on Death

Thoughts at a funeral.

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Being Mediocre 101: What a Life Well Lived in 2020 Means

So here I am in a panic when I first hear we have to self-quarantine in my State of Illinois.

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Bimbling along…

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My Journey thus far

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels
Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

One year of writing on Medium.

And, this is my story!

It won’t be wrong to say, I have been writing my whole life. In my diary recording my experiences & preserving my memories. Most of it, for myself in clandestine. But writing only in the diary was equal to shutting myself in a room & talking to myself. Until I came across this platform — Medium. I loved reading the stories shared by different people from different walks of life.

At a certain point, in spite of the risk of being vulnerable, I wanted to write for an audience.

We have lived through circumstances, ordeals we dread, events in life which are distinct to each one of us. Each of us has a unique story to tell. As a writer at heart in private, there were many beautiful stories I wanted to tell, share for people to read. I had to muster the courage to write in open for people to read when I joined Medium as a writer.

As I continue writing, I learnt there is no end to this journey. A writer is working hard all their life. To create something outside of them. Writers use memories locked away, perceptions, etc, putting them into simple subtle words. The session each time giving them a sense of satisfaction and salvation at its best.

Writing brings out hidden thoughts, swirling memories, longings, heartfelt moments, sufferings and endearments. This comes out when we sit down to write, slicing each thought each episode and arranging it like a loaf of bread. And the reader reads, digests and absorbs the narration into their consciousness. It is a deep and personal affair, the writing.

As this personal journey continues, I have marked the end of one year on Medium. And I am proud and delighted with my progress & accomplishments. I have evolved to become a confident writer. My improvement has been satisfactory.

I published my 100th piece of writing to Medium by the end of 8 months.

I am now putting greater efforts and spending time to improve my skills as a writer. From reading books from published authors & from other writers on Medium, I am learning. It is a lifetime of commitment & dedication I have signed up for, I know for sure. I am confident I will get better at it each day, with each piece I write sitting any random place as my writing booth. There is a sense of relief with each piece I write and publish as if I am letting go of a part of me I was holding on to. Each written work unleashing me, setting me free.

6 months into writing on Medium, I created my website Baking of Words & Muses to share the written work I can call my own. The site also includes reviews of books I read & live.

Acing and striving to improve each coming day is what I have set as my personal goal. It is about investing yourself putting in the work. It is about showing to your journal every single day and pouring your heart out. Writing is an art, you paint with words. Words can change people, move or even inspire them to do better, be better or gain knowledge. I promise to use them well, better than yesterday, better than today. To write a promising piece tomorrow.

In April, I submitted & published a short story in Spillwords. — The Short Story called An Overcast Life.

I have completed a year of this journey and hoping it turns out to be as blissful and encouraging as it has been so far. Thank you all for your support.

Below are the links to my collection index: —

Thank you for reading and all the support! I will forever be grateful for the warmth & comfort this platform has provided me.


©Shweta, 2020. All Rights Reserved.

My Journey thus far was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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8 Lessons from “The Alchemist”

What everyone can learn from Paul Coelho’s classic story about spiritual journeys

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An ode to Death

Few verses on the ultimate call

Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels

Death knocks not on the doors of life,
But barges in, unwanted.

It comes but once, and Once it is,
And once is enough to bring
Our entire universe crumbling down.

I know not what form it dons,
Or what shape it assumes,
Or whence it cometh.

But when it does come,
Life stands no chance before death.

It is the last stop in life’s journey.
It has the final say, the last laugh.

Oh how sweet is death!
It congregates foes,
Gets atheists to pray,
The uncaring, to shed a tear,
The haters, to finally love, in regret.

Death is the call of time.
But who can ever escape the lash of time.

To the ultimate, imperative, universal one,
This is an ode.

An ode to Death was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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