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What are you doing behind the Scenes?

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I am sure before the lockdown you liked to go to the movies with your friends and family. Most of these movies turn out to be so awesome that you wouldn’t mind to watch it all over again(i have watched Avengers:Endgame EIGHT times by the way) even if it takes three hours.

But Do you know what makes you want to keep watching those amazing actors over and over again?

Do you know why you are awestruck by their amazing performances?

It is because of the long hours of practice and work they’ve put into their craft that makes their scenes seem picture perfect.

Its almost as if it becomes second nature for them.

Do you remember the famous Jackie Chan?

Jackie Chan is a famous actor who is an expert in martial arts and even portrays it in his movies.

His colleagues who have worked with him say that he prefers to do ALL of his stunts by himself and in the process he dislocates some part of his body because he wanted to make a particular scene original and perfect.

At this point, you are saying to yourself, Is Jackie Chan crazy?

No he is not but he knows that he needs to do the work to get the job done.

The movies he has starred have not only made him millions of dollars but they have given people more than twenty years of great entertainment.

The mentality of this great man applies to every field you could think of, every great man or woman you see today paid different prices to be where they are today.

I am talking about broken bones, tears of disappointments, lost friendships and sleepless nights.

Nothing in life comes for free.

You’ve got to put in the work behind the scenes, those moments where nobody sees you putting in the work, those periods are the seeds you sow to eventually make you a large tree among your peers.

As humans, it is only natural for you to seek validation for whatever thing you do, we expect trophies because it is in our nature to seek gratification.

A good friend of mine told me “respect your humble beginnings”. Nobody cares about your process or how you achieve success, what they care about are your results.

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The only person that has a front row sit to what you do behind the scenes is just YOU and you should be thankful for that because nobody can tell your story as well as you can so savour those epic scenes.

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