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Chicano Legend Rodolfo Anaya Dies

As an avid reader, I picked up whatever book I could get my hands on, and my sister-in-law often provided me reading material usually…

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Salutations from Allen R. Marquez

A red neon sign below a bookshelf that says, “We are all made of stories.”
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Writer Bio | Illumination

My life in writing.

About me.

Allen R. Marquez is my pen name. I decided to use one because I am also a published and aspiring research scientist. I wanted to separate my fiction from my non-fiction writing. This name reflects a few of the writers that I admire. Each part of my pen name speaks a lot about who I am.

Allen: Allen Ginsberg. Howl is one of my favorite poems. His rhythms, the melody of his words, the string of odd phrases that seem like nonsense, but on second glance actually convey a profound message. I try to follow that poetic style with my prose. It’s from my musical history.

R: J.R.R Tolkien. Professor by day and magician by night, Tolkien inspires me everyday. His life gives me hope and an example. My career goal is to become a research professor, continue to work on my science, and contribute to fiction literature. I want to build worlds like he did and tell moving stories.

Marquez: Gabriel Garcia Marquez. My heritage is a three-way split: part Colombian, part Cuban, and part American. I’ve spent my life among these worlds, trying to shift into a societal picture, but I’ve recently understood the unique perspective I have by not fitting with the puzzle. Marquez, the master of magical realism, taught me the Latin art of storytelling and its incredible beauty.

About my stories.

As a child, I loved telling stories. I sat around with friends and family and just made up stories. I desired to understand the stories told by others, the ones I saw in the beautiful books scattered around the library where my mother would take me. But, I struggled with reading. I almost graduated from high school without knowing how to truly read. I was determined to understand Shakespeare, Dante, Faulkner, the titans of literature, so I worked.

I learned the art of reading and became a writing disciple. I studied these great writers until I lived their stories. Until, like a quantum particle, I zipped into their world and back into mine, taking their lessons with me. I learned to live my life as a narrator, imaging and observing characters going about their day and siphoning their stories, extracting meanings and aesthetics. I want to learn from my characters. I want to tell their stories.

My inspiration comes from my own life and my experiences. As a gay, Latino, cisgendered man, I tend to write with these characters in mind, but I’m working to challenge my writing limits and expand my perspective. My stories and characters often hold pieces of me, my dreams, my concerns. It take great courage for me to write and let others read my work, to be vulnerable and expose myself to (hopefully constructive) critiques. It’s the underwear dream come to life.

I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy telling them.

Salutations from Allen R. Marquez was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Mexico is Dirty. Mexicans are Dirty

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