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I’m 81-Years-Old Now And Starting My Second Wave

It’s all about living. But then, it always has been.

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The bizarre effects of virtual meeting on your mental health

Too many virtual meetings are bad for you. Here’s why.

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Tasting Cigarette Ash In The Early Morning Hours

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Toxic relationships are dangerous to your health.

5 Signs That Someone is Toxic and Why You Absolutely Need to ‘Cancel’ Toxic People From Your Life

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Will I Ever Be Able To Just Be?

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Nothing In Life Is Ever Easy

But do you know what is, breathing, loving, nurturing, caring and vice-versa

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50 Days Later, And 20 Pounds Lost

A Journey In Healthy Living

Janbaby; Pixabay

I presented the idea that I no longer had a choice but to buckle down, and work my ass off to lose weight, and get my physical health under some sort of control. Some readers may remember the experience I went through on Memorial Day weekend. It was that weekend, where a family photograph was taken, and the moment I saw the picture, I immediately thought that I looked like a blimp. It looked almost fake and photoshopped. As if someone took my face and put it on top of a gigantic round body. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. It really was me in the picture.

I was closing in on 300 lbs; with a height not so tall, it was turning into a total disaster. You just can’t weigh 300 lbs, when you’re five foot, six inches tall. I’ve been sacrificing my physical health, all in the name of mental health.

The original article that documented the starting of this journey can be found right here. It’s heartfelt, and so far, it has predicted a successful beginning.

So when it comes to working on losing weight, I recently hit day #50. I see myself finding success so far, as I follow through with my plan day to day. And through that process, I am learning more and more, with my newfound education.

robynsworld; pixabay

I’ve found out a lot since I’ve found myself getting bloodwork, seeing my primary doctor, and doing research on everything I possibly can, in order to build a plan of action that is tailored for my specific needs as close as possible.

The time to buckle down in every area is now. At 43 years old, I am now at that age where many things can be make it or break it, based strongly on the choices I am making now, as each day goes by. If I want to be well, remain strong and stable, and live without struggles later, the time right now is go time, for the decisions to be made.

The weight gain happened quicker than many would think. By spending the past 2 or 3 years overweight, it quickly created so many issues. I was afterall, living a life of sobriety, so I think many of the other health issues weren’t even a thought in my mind. I figured I had beaten the worst killer of all, the addiction, so I made terrible assumptions that there was nothing to worry about. How bad could it be? It’s only been barely a few years.

I was wrong. My blood pressure was high, my cholesterol and triglycerides were extremely high, and my sugar is borderline.

Clker-Free-Vector-Images; Pixabay

I have a very precise and thorough primary doctor. She says that for as high as those things are, they were even higher last year, before dropping this first 20 pounds. She says weightloss is the best medication for these metabolic type of issues. Metabolic Syndrome is a disorder that’s symptoms include high readings in all of those categories.

I am just about at official Metabolic Syndrome. But right on the edge, or the boundary line. Losing these first 20 pounds when I did, was some of the best timing ever. Because if I waited even just another few months, it could have turned into much more of a diabetic struggle.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, my weight loss is not a result of anything “fad” related. I don’t look at carbs as evil, so I don’t do any at kind of south beach diet. I don’t consider myself on a diet. Instead I am sticking to the idea of total life and habit change.

With most of the focus on calorie intake from portion control. I have used apps to master the art of calorie counting. I use the app to track every calorie I eat, and through doing that, I am getting a good education what type of eating will lead to weight loss.

At day 50, I am extremely happy with being down 20 pounds already. As with most people, I know the pounds dropped will slow down, the longer I continue with this new life change. However the rewards are more crucial than ever before. I had once lost weight another time many years ago. But back then, age was more on my side.

Keeping both my mental health, and physical health as well as I can, is my ultimate goal. There is nothing better for mental health, than the good feelings that a healthy weight can bring.

mohamed_hassan; Pixabay


50 Days Later, And 20 Pounds Lost was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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