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A Responsibility Taken Lightly

My formal apology to all the new writers

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“Mentor is necessary to be Successful”. Really??

Why and when do you really need a Mentor?

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Entrepreneurs Struggle To Come Back Stronger

Ask for help, work on your network, find mentors. And don’t wait to do it when things get tough.

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An Ode To The Great Ones

To: The Builders And Pillars

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An Open Letter to My Friend and Mentor

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‘I am a Mentor’ Why?

Photo by Monica Melton on Unsplash

Sometimes, We do little effort to make things easier for others while putting yourself into tiredness, mental exhaustion and fatigue of rescheduling our work.

My motivation for social works comes from my religious thoughts. Allah says in the Quran (Chapter5: Verse2):

Help one another in acts of piety and righteousness. And do not assist each other in acts of sinfulness and transgression. And be aware of Allah. Verily, Allah is severe in punishment

I have been asked many times by my friends that why I keep myself busy in helping scholarship aspirants and using my energy to make them successful while it isn’t going to benefit me. Even I have been advised to make a paid profile to get some resources in trade of time I devote to the path of success for others, which seems quite logical but since I heard beautiful words from my respected mentor “Qasim Ali Shah” I never thought about trading this volunteer deed in this world. He said

  • As the money you earn has Zakat to pay, the same way the knowledge you get has Zakat to pay. And the Zakat for knowledge is to share it with others to make them successful*.

Zakat is the fourth pillar of religion Islam. It means Muslims (who believe in the supremacy of One God) are bound by their creator to spend 2.5% of their savings in the way of Allah: On needy and poor ones. There is a specific definition of those savings which comes under Zakat but in a simplest and motivational way, zakat can be defined as if you have something and others are deprived of it do spend your 2.5% of savings on them.

The perspective which makes my mentor’s motivational quotation true is that because everyone who is deprived of skill, knowledge and experience in a specific field while others have, is entitled to this Zakat.

NOTE: (In Islam there isn’t any term called Zakat of knowledge. Purpose of using it here is solely based on the motivational quotation to encourage widespread sharing of experiences and helping others)

Are You happy??

One day I was commented by this sentence ‘Do it please you to waste your time without getting anything out of it?’

Frowning, I just cross-questioned him ‘What is the criterion for you to be pleased?’

As tune of the questioner was reflecting his beliefs about money being the only peace bringing thing in this world. Sometimes people see money the only reward of their efforts while it isn’t true at all. Nothing in this world is important than mental peace, a heart full of satisfaction, and actions full of gratitude. Once a wise man said,

If you have everything but lost inner satisfaction, you earned nothing.

It is obligatory to find what gives you the true euphoria and joy and for me, it is SHARING. Sharing in the form of money, knowledge, experience, resources and in short everything which can be beneficial for others. So every reader of this article is welcome to contact me for any help I will try to help with the best of my expertise.

The expected reward for me:

The most important thing in this world is TIME. An intellectual person can offer us everything he has, but his TIME. Even a person living a balanced life will always be busy in following his schedule.

So, it is of great value if someone prioritizes us on his time and offers us comfort, ease and mentally satisfaction. All we need to do is just remember him/her in our prayers. Think for a while, do we have a habit to pray for people who do good to us? After being helped by someone, how many times did we say to Allah that ‘Oh Allah these persons helped me when I needed, please help them and make things easier for them. the blessings which this one sentence can bring us back are unimaginable. Even this little act of kindness pays us back if we make habit of asking blessings for others and eventually we will get it for ourselves. Praying is a chain reaction which never stops and benefits the most if you keep it moving through passing to others. So, for me, the best reward for these little efforts in sharing things and volunteering time is to get close to my creator ALLAH.

Share your thoughts and feelings in comments that how you feel helping someone. How do you get it?

‘I am a Mentor’ Why? was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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