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Money dominates in Democracy Today

Racial discrimination is a part of a political strategy.

Photo by Romain Paget on Unsplash

A man of unpredictable whims won the U.S. Presidential Election in a distorted democracy where money power always hijacks people power.

Today’s democracy is — by the money, of the money, and for the money.

Eighty- two percent of white evangelicals are expected to cast their votes for Trump. All the money is behind evangelical institutions is being given by Trump supporters.Trump has given evangelicals access to the President House that they never had.

The lower middle class, white voters are staunch Trump supporters. They want to build a wall( nativism) and drain the swamp(populism). Trump has a reason to claim. He has done his best to keep the wall on political agenda. He pushes through the anti- immigration agenda to appease 40 million white production workers.

There are 29 million white voters without a degree to support Trump. Power belonged to anyone who could mobilize the concerted inclinations of the citizens directly by appealing to their emotions rather than using facts and figures to transform their mindset.

Democracy has no deterrent against the worst caprice of the majority. Tyranny emerges from democracy.

In almost every big democratic country people are reluctant to cast their votes.

Maybe they have unconsciously convinced themselves. Their votes can hardly make a difference. A symptom of diseased democracy!

In consequence, fifty to sixty percent of voters go to cast their votes. Out of which only ten percent of voters by their free will. And forty to fifty percent by their personal interests. A candidate who garners close to thirty- five percent is the winner. And becomes the leader of the constituency/presidency with its hundred percent voters.

Trump without musing pros and cons declares his modus operandi with no locus standi in the absence of sensible touch just like a clown who amuses his audience with a cheap sense of humor laced with unforgivable foolishness.

In this money dominant world of today, money proves a game-changer in everything everywhere. Money can change the attitude and principles of Union and Organization leaders. Donations impress tenets of honored institutions. Monetary gains lure the voters to bear the troubles of polling stations to cast their votes.

You will agree with me. Money can make a difference in any situation at any time.

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