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Dexamethasone: First proven Lifesaving drug for COVID-19

In a trail of 2000, this extensively, low price and inexpensive drug helps in saving critical ill patients on the ventilator with Coronavirus

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The steroid of dexamethasone gives a key breakthrough against COVID-19, a deadly virus and it did save many people’s lives which are extremely ill with the virus. This steroid as part of the world’s biggest trial testing of COVID-19 in controlled clinical conditions in March 2020, to observe whether it worked or not.

This is among the first drug which shown a positive reduction in the death of coronavirus patients, specifically it cut down the patient’s number and saved 1/3 of patients on a ventilator in critical condition. Till now with this drug, about 5000 lives of patients could have been saved and due to its low cost and availability there could be a huge benefit to poor countries to treat the coronaviral patients, researchers say.

Kenneth Baillie, a physician at the University of Edinburg says “It’s a startling result and it must have an enormous global impact in saving life and economy”. After the announcement of this news, UK PM Boris Johnson said, “A remarkable British achievement, and we took every possible step to ensure the availability of this drug in the peak of this need”.

This trail RECOVERY launched in March 2020, randomized biggest controlled trial for the treatment of COVID-19, to observe and test multiple possible therapies. About 2100 random participants were taken and given dexamethasone at a moderate or low dose of 6 mg/day and in comparison, 4300 people received only standard care. The drug shows significant effects among critically ill patients on ventilators, reduce the death from 40 % to 28% in comparison to patients without ventilator death rate cut from 25% to 20%.

Prof Peter Horby the chief investigator said, “Dexamethasone is the sole drug so far which indicates the mortality reduction to even severely ventilated patients which is a major breakthrough”.

Prof Martin Landary said the results of this trial and research proposed that one life could get saved in almost eight ventilated patients and in 20–25 treated patients in normal conditions. And the total cost to save a life is only £35 which is pretty economical.

This drug has already been used for conditions like arthritis, asthma and to reduce inflammation and in some skin condition so it’s already available in this market. but with this drug mostly critical patients need to treat with. This drug halts the body’s immune system which damages the respiratory tract and overdrive during the corona attack.

RECOVERY Trail also observed thoroughly over to Hydroxychloroquine a malarial drug shows some concern over heart problem and surge fatalities. The antiviral drug Remdesivir observed in another randomized controlled trial does not have a significant effect on reducing the mortality of patients though it shows a reduction of the recovery period of patients. The other drawbacks of Remsesivir are the short supply compared to Dexamethasone, price yet to be announced in market and complexity to administer.

This Dexamethasone is an angel drug that will save many critical patients’ lives during this pandemic.

Coronavirus breakthrough: dexamethasone is first drug shown to save lives

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