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“Dimes & Dollars–The trivial connection between Human Resource and Human Relations.”

All about the moral-less high-fliers, and their nueva rich status that leads them to treat others as less deserving.

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Your Grass Is Greener Than You Think

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My sweet-bitter love affair with Graduate Research

For most of us college is a nightmare and the means to just secure a stable 9 to 5 job. My roommates and friends from high school were no…

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Three Weeks On Medium And This Is How Much I Made

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Be the Catalyst by Reanimating Their Passionate Lives

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Write by listening to your instincts.

Write by Listening to your Instincts.

Deep insight into my writings using digestible instincts.

Photo by fotografierende on Unsplash

I would like to tell you about my personal experience in exploring my new dimension in my writing career.

I am a guy who does not like to write things in general. Let it be a general one, fiction, non-fiction, humor pieces, or any informative blog about tech stuff.

Though I am good at expressing my experiences and my memories in my diaries I felt that I was not good enough to sound informative or even poetic.

Firstly, I need to tell you that I was confused and felt scrambled when I used to read articles and blogs titled “ How to” and “ (NO.) ways to change” kind of articles.

There were many blogs and articles like a spammed mailbox. I was astonished by reading at them. However, my brain got spammed at the end of the day.

At first, I was inside an illusion that blogs written with the above headlines were something great and illuministic to read and executable in our day to day lives.

I read many kinds of such articles in which there were quite opposite opinions about one particular concept of writing which was like hell to understand as I didn’t know which I should follow at the end of the day.

At the same time, it seems to be different and unique for various people.

Receiving various kinds of experiences and analyzing them with what suits us is a difficult process to carry on writing pieces and sooner we tend to lose our originality in our writings.

But sometimes these kinds of blogs help us to understand things at a discrete level and it makes us feel easier to analyze things.

Even though it may help us understand certain tips with ease, in my opinion, the writers who tend to write these kinds of articles are expressing only the perspective of what they feel and experience through their learnings in the everyday writing process.

Knowing others’ learnings is valuable and priceless but it works on the individual to individual. Ideas can vary, how we see things can vary and work for some but not for the rest.

I felt like I wanted to satisfy and feed the urge of my instincts. I stuck with it.

I believe that my instincts will construct the road for me to write articles about the topics on my list.

Quality work can take some time but it is worthwhile to spend for the first word of this say.

Then, I started listening to my instincts, and based on my instincts I got to analyze a 3 step process which made me realize the way I want to write.

This is just an experiment for all the readers to think about this and can take away things if it works best for your practice as writing is a continuous process of practicing.

Mind-wandering helps… :

Allow your super brain to reward you by wandering.

First I wanted to tell my readers about following up on our distractions. Just take a long breath and allow your mind to wander everywhere. This is the first thing I do when I want to start writing topics that I want.

It is a cool process where you will not be in a single state of mind and you will be completely mixed with several dimensions of thoughts and mind waves.

When I start to choose the theme of the day to start writing, I always allow my mind to wander everywhere. This allows me to think at different standards of choosing my blog theme and does not stop me from thinking to a certain limit.

Limitless thinking doesn’t mean overthinking but casually I allow things to flow inside my mind and I used to proceed writing with the flow if the theme is attractive and relishing to me and new to my readers.

I get different ideas when choosing the core theme of a blog or an article when applying this idea. This helps not only to go with the flow but also to think deeply over the flow of thoughts.

Writing is not that easy to come up with but it is easy to maintain the flow of our thoughts by allowing the mind to wander.

Then try to choose a diamond-like topic among the several thoughts by comparing all the ideas on the flow till you reach the saturation point of your thoughts

Even though the process can consume time, the basic fixation towards the desired topic becomes clear and helps to strengthen the idea like a root of a plant which is essential

Hence the realization of the core theme will be very strong which means the base of my blog or article becomes very workable and meaningful.

Visualize the core theme :

In my opinion, the visualization of my core idea or theme is very essential to make my blog/article very specific and realistic.

Allowing our brains to realize the theme and visualization of it adds more value to my words as the words will reflect our thoughts and its processes.

Visualization of our core ideas results in the beautiful craft of our work and as a result, the reader can go through our stories very easily and it makes the writing so interactive and enjoyable too.

A well-engineered picturization of my thoughts and the flow of ideas revolving around the field of the happening from the start of the story until the end is important to showcase the valuable ideas, I think.

Words are capable of bringing the original visual waves of our brain that originates from our thinking.

By doing this the beautiful emotions we carry in our entire story and the ideas which are abstract to express can be put into words that will glorify the main core of our writing pattern and its theme.

As everyone knows, all writers are readers. So when we do this, the magic of engaging our readers happens because accurate visualization of our thoughts and ideas are going to be poured as words in our blog work.

As a result, our words will sound interesting and cool to read and understand.

Execute your work by enjoying :

Enjoying while writing is one of the important points I learned from my overall writing experience. I used to have no time-bound limit to avoid submission pressures and I enjoy writing out things to the core.

In my opinion, even if we have time-bound pressures and the problems encircling it, we need to stay focussed and hold on to our nerves to avoid the damage caused by it.

I am overwhelmed by the opportunity to speak my voice to such an active set of audiences and I feel glad to outreach my views and opinions about diverse fields.

I always feel cool and happy to proceed with my work as my prime aim is to produce quality enriching works that could impact positively on my life and my surrounding lives.

Because of this, I feel excited about the process and enjoy posting blogs while doing it.

I consider writing about various topics to be one of my biggest stressbusters of all time.

A perfect understanding of the core idea shoots up the execution level high up to the sky and would be enjoyable to the fullest.

Execution in a proper manner is difficult to do as we may have several aspects of pressures in and out of our work and disappointments, bound pressures, etc…

It is usual for all writers to have such problems at the initial stage but any kind of thoughts towards our execution problems and pressures will result in the damage of the crafting process.

Quantity can be important to showcase our presence and accountability but the quality of the work is the real portfolio for us.

Hence, crafting the writing work should be in such a way that readers must get involved in the world of the writer’s story and enjoy the complete sense of art as writing is an art.

As creators of this art, the best part of writing is not following other’s perspectives instead experiment yourself to find the way that suits you the best and follow the unique path that brings the best out of you.

Try to hear your instincts and choose the way to experiment. Every writing is an experiment.

I experimented and realized that these 3 ways will bring the maximum output from me to keep my readers engaged and positive every time I publish.

I am still trying to continue doing the same to be a better writer of myself.

I hope these 3 ways will help in some way or the other for readers and writers to understand the craft of blogging and writing articles.

Happy writing!!!

Write by listening to your instincts. was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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