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Top 15 Underrated Gems of Music

To enjoy this World Music Day!

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

Have you heard Beyoncé? Katy Perry? Pitbull? Linkin Park? Coldplay? Imagine Dragons? Lady Gaga? Taylor Swift? Ackon? I am sure the answer would be a big Yes!

But have you heard Fake Laugh? The Lumineers? Summer Salt? Mild Orange? Taba Chake? Austin Weber? I think in response to this question you would have felt that I am writing random words in the introduction!

Have you ever heard a song and you know from the first time you listen to it that it is going to be your favourite song? Like love at the first tune, lyrics, rhythm or even the moment in which you listen to it?

Have you ever encountered enthraling songs of artists or bands that you have never heard earlier, and when you look at their popularity, you feel “Damn, whyyy!”

Well, I feel that emotion a lot; I feel terrible witnessing such artists being so underrated and hardly having any follower or subscriber base for their talent.

From the past one year, I have developed this habit of discovering songs that soothes my soul rather than my ears.

In this era, it is hard to find something that you can hold on to for long; there is no scarcity of artists and I guess, that is why many amazing songs and artists go undiscovered by the larger population.

On this World Music Day, I thought to do something different, to give something back to Music. Afterall Music has always been there for us to uplift our mood in our downs and dejections, and embellish our happiness and cheerful moments of good times!

I take pride in my song selection and playlist; I am selfish and possessive to share my favourite songs with people as not all would be as interested and passionate about these songs as I am. But I think sharing them with you all would be helpful to these artists to get a better reach and the appreciation and recognition that they truly deserve.

So, without any delay, on this World Music Day, let’s dive into the deep ocean of underrated songs and their spellbinding lyrics.

1. Sleep on The Floor by The Lumineers

“If the sun don’t shine on me today

And if the subways flood and bridges break

Will you lay yourself down and dig your grave

Or will you rail against your dying day”




2. My Life, My Love by Family and Friends

“Well I’ve been pacing this tile for a while now,

I keep wasting my time wondering,

Why some hearts beat harder,

And two can love in so many different ways,

Or you can love just one your whole life long,

When they don’t feel the same,

Love, I’m only asking,

If it’s funny then why aren’t you laughing?

Love, I’m only asking”




3. The One by Wild Child

“We don’t mind staying up all night

‘Cause we talk a lot sweeter with booze

Never can remember even half of the fights

But you’ll never forget when I lose

You’re not the one for me

You’re not the one for me

You’re not the one for me

You’re just the one that I choose”




4. So Sad, So Sad by Varsity

“What if I gave

My ambition for a brain

Only a fool

Would approve that trad

Trying to be a perfect circle

Weak just like I take my drinks

A crumb upon my plate leads to a week of cryin’ sleep

I could never walk away

I could never make you stay”




5. My Other Side by Taba Chake

“Happiness I am looking for

In this lonely searching soul

With only music which doesn’t talk to me ever

But tells me what I want to hear

Like an empty glass my life

Like an empty glass”




6. Toothpaste Kisses by The Maccabees

“So with toothpaste kisses and lines

Stay with me, I’ll stay with you

Doin’ things that lovers do

Put the stars in our eyes

What else to do?”




7. It Wasn’t Easy to be Happy for You by The Lumineers

“I know that you tried

But you’re no friend of mine

Falling apart

You played it the best

A dame in distress, ooh

Yeah, it wasn’t easy to be happy for you

Yeah, wrapped my neck and prayed that you’d feel the noose

I saw the restaurant table for two

Yeah, it wasn’t easy to be happy for you

Yeah, I took the poison, praying you’d feel it too”




8. I Don’t Want to Miss You (Like I Do) by Austin Weber

“I don’t wanna think about how to get back together

The last thing I do, is forget you,

But missing you ain’t that much better

Swimming out against the tide feels just the same

These idle moments swept aside from just your name

Wish I could find an attitude, to stop myself from missing you

Like I do

Cause I don’t wanna miss you, like I do”




9. Feels Like Home by CAAMP

“Take my name when I’m dead and gone

And throw my ashes in the river

Know that I lived my whole life long

And gave all the love that I could’ve given”




10. Naked As We Came by Iron and Wine

“She says, “If I leave before you, darling

Don’t you waste me in the ground”

I lay smiling like our sleeping children

One of us will die inside these arms

Eyes wide open, naked as we came

One will spread our ashes around the yard”




11. Only for You by The Heartless Bastards

“Been a while since I felt this way about

Someone that really really like to know you

More I know you, more

All your eyes sing the song to me

And I really really like to move to it”




12. We’re Not Just Friends by Parks, Squares and Alleys

“I’ve got enough

Don’t wanna know if

It leads to nothing, you won’t give it a chance

Leaving your life

I need to tell it

You could have known it’s gonna be the last dance…

I’ve got a friend

She calls me brother”




13. Love Again by Meltt

“Calm down

There’s no need to grieve

We’re both very young for now

Try to get some sleep

Better not be the one who falls in love again

And put this on repeat

It’s a crucial life equation

When will I concede”




14. Freak in Me by Mild Orange

“Lately, I think of you lots

’Cause my mind’s in circles for you

Please connect the dots

And bring me, bring me to you

’Cause you bring out the freak in me

It’s only for you

Just you”




15. We All Need Something by Bedroom

“Just this morning

I woke up and realized, we all need love

People need to know

The people need each other

Together we will grow

Tell everyone to gather

The people need to know

We reflect each other

If the people stand as one

The people will be stronger”




Bonus Tracks:

Blue Skies by Noah and The Whale



Waiting for My Chance to Come by Noah and The Whale




Fête de la Musique – World Music Day was started in 1982 in France, but now its a celebration of global artists. Music is when wisdom meets philosophy. Music is love. Music is peace. Music is life. Music is the rain that soothes the hot summer.

Music is above all the mediocrity. Music is the space where you lose yourself to find yourself! In Leo Tolstoy’s words “Music is the shorthand of emotion.”

P.S- This list is not exhausted, there are many more wonderful artists that I listen to but due to the length of this article I could not include them, maybe some other day in some other article I would narrate their realm, too. Till then Hasta la vista baby!

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