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How To Connect The Dots Between Love and Teamwork

Tips on keeping your relationship strong

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Are You Living The Writer Dream?

Yes, another article with writing tips, but hear me out.

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It Vanished All Of A Sudden

I am what I am and not what you want me to be. If I’m not what I am, then what would I be?

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Lipstick Is My Savior And It’s In Hiding

Help me! I put my lipstick on again

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Isabela Vasiliu. Author of Trancendental Forests. An Introduction

Image Courtesy of Author

Writer Bio

I thrive in Nature.

The online world has never really been my thing. But life just seems to have a way of taking us places in spite of ourselves and our tendencies to control our destinies.

So here I am. Very much uncertain of how long I am going to be here. But grateful to Medium as well as to Dr Mehmet Yildiz for allowing me this opportunity to express myself and to share my stories.

Before I begin my introduction, I would like to share three poems I wrote last night, May 9. As it happens with these “poems” for me, they just pop into my mind, like a voice that wants to make itself heard. And so I obey it. Because I know it’s my heart wanting to write. I get up and write these poems down on a piece of paper. Then I turn some of them into trees.

These poems are for three of the people who supported me in the very early days when I started to publish my stories on this platform: Robert Nelson, John Ross and Volo Vash. This is my way of thanking you, guys, for all the clapping you did for me.

There have been others too. Abhishek Verma, Dimitris Leo, Matt Lillywhite, Ms. Mary Ann, Karen Madej and others, thank you all for your great support!

I would also like to thank Andy from Medium Support who has helped me a lot as I’ve been trying to learn how to navigate the platform. 🙂

Sir Robert, Sir,

Defender of Nature,

Writes of emotions, abuse

And adventure.

Of coal sludge and toxins

Infesting our waters,

And of close encounters

With bears and “sentient” others.

I need something ending with ‘atched’

How about Robert:

“Majesty Unmatched”

John the Sensitive

With a heart of gold

Tells stories of old

And writes with such soul

That the world stops

To savour the gold.

He finds solace in silence

And he opens his heart

Even to a “rugged-looking man”

Who left the coffee mart,

Leaving John,

Who had said NO,


And wanting

To offer his HEART.


Of Vast Knowledge

Preceding the heart

Had to go through society

But found it quite hard.

Until one day

When he studied so hard

That he found all the secrets

To society’s smart.

But a Russian guy

Came and took it apart

So the “masks came off”

And now Volo is a Bart

Quite happy to “transcend

Through emotions” of the Heart.

And now a bit about me.

As a family member, 20-year educator, lover, partner and friend, I dedicated 44 years of my life to being of service to or loving others. Completely and unconditionally. Oblivious to what it meant to love myself.

Everything changed when somebody said to me, “You love others more than you love yourself.” Coupled with sheer exhaustion and the extreme stress of modern living, the truth was now staring me in the face. Something had to give.

I had to meet ME. A new love affair began. The floodgates opened. A long, joyful and painful journey into my soul. A journey that brought love, healing, growth and divine inspiration. A journey that allowed me to tap into a creative source I didn’t know existed and to “give birth” to tree-shaped poems. (Transcendental Forests)

A journey that has taught me never to judge. Never to expect anything of others, as it puts pressure on them and sets us up for disappointment. Never to think that we know people until they truly share their truth with us. For every one of us has their own truth. Their own story. Their own journey.

Of all the extensive and beautiful travelling I had done over the years (for which I remain grateful), this inner journey turned out to be something of a miracle. Nothing short of a rebirth. A new life. A life where self-love is no longer an afterthought.

A life that I intend to spend resting, nourishing myself and my soul, being loved and loving and, most importantly, enjoying the precious space, silence and peace of mind I have long been fighting for.

In Nature. Where I can be with trees. Where I can enjoy every moment as it unfolds and wait patiently for life to surprise me again.

Willow Tree, April 29, 2020. Image Courtesy of Author.

A quote that speaks volumes to me:

Image Courtesy of Author

Isabela Vasiliu. Author of Trancendental Forests. An Introduction was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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2019 Set Me Free

I am the courage that I see in others- Gurpreet Dhariwal

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