action fiction horror mystery novel

Wolf Whispers — Chapter Twenty Seven

D.C. has never seen the likes of Lee and Fred!

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action fiction horror mystery novel

Wolf Whispers — Chapter Twenty Six

Answers are coming. Lee and Fred have a long trip ahead of them.

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cosmos mystery philosophy space universe

Exploring the mysteries of the universe and the wonders of our existence

Genuine curiosity and wonder makes us human

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horror mystery ouija-board spirit unseenworld

Mystery Of Ouija Talking Spirit Board

Is it the device to get glimpse of the unseen world of spirits? or just a game for fun? or the tool to peep into one’s unconscious mind?

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family fiction mystery romance serial-fiction

Stay or Go — Part 5

Wise guys and little brothers

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mystery nature poet poetry writer

The Poet

A poem by David Grant

Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

You say your name is Gabriella
I wonder if that’s true
Or if it’s just the name you’ve made up
To use when writing poems

“The author isn’t important”
is what they always say
Stick to what they’ve written
Don’t let them get in the way.

You try to be anonymous
but your poetry reveals so much
I always have to ask myself
is this who you really are?

Are you the genius wordsmith
Writing what you think?

Or are you another bored and lonely survivor
working at the sink?

The Poet was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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fiction-writing horror-fiction mystery short-fiction short-story

The Bus Stop

Gillian was late for the bus — yet again. Just every time she was in a rush to get home from the supermarket….

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action fiction horror mystery novel

Wolf Whispers — Chapter Twenty Five

There is no rest from war.

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dreams motherhood mystery strange-fiction thriller

Mystery in Number 816.

Uncertainty in complex coincidences…

Photo by Thomas Bjornstad on Unsplash

It was a bright sunny day, a beautiful mom and her 10-year-old son were just playing in the morning happily on the lawn with a cute little dog named Happy who was quite new to the single-mother family.

The name of the mom was White and her most loved being in the world was her son named Bejoy.

Even though Happy was feeling very shy and a bit alone in his kennel he would always love to play with Bejoy and roam along with him curiously as it was the only choice for Happy to be happy and avoid the loneliness of his long silent nights within his house around the backyard.

The clock began to run fast and the tick-tok hands stood at 8:16 pm accurately to remind White by sounding like a Christmas bell.

It was a gentle reminder to remind the mom’s weekly purchase of groceries and necessary household needs.

As she shrewdly came up with her wallet and in parallel her son helped her to pick a medium-sized jute bag with his soft hands to carry the items in the market, he used to go with his mom for the same.

The market was very few miles away from their sweet home. They went to the market which had a huge crowd like the sea. It was very hard and risky to purchase in such a crushing crowd at the market.

The market was famous and reliable as it was the only market to have the highest number of shops in it.

The count was about 816 which is a mind-blowing thing. Unfortunately, that specific day had the largest number of customers buying all the needed items.

At such a high time, White and her son entered the market slowly and started buying things for the house.

The bill amount was 816 Rupees.

In such a crowd there was a small magic show which partially attracted few audiences.

It was a recent entertainment hotspot for kids and youngsters to see such surprising performances which overwhelmed their interest to sit and watch the show.

Every kid was very interested in watching the attractive elements in magic, Bejoy too was attracted by the same.

Due to his outburst of excitement the kid ran to the watch the show leaving his mom’s hand.

White was very scared to see him run from her hands as the crowd seemed to be scary and large.

She shouted at him for his return but he didn’t turn up during the joyous run towards the show.

It was difficult for his mom to make him understand the seriousness of the hellish crowd.

White started to walk fast and she felt very scared when his run started to vanish from her eyes.

The creepy thing was he was not in the show.

Looking for anyone small in such a big crowd would be a very difficult task to search for.

White was unfortunate to search for her child as no one was ready to help her in that situation. In the middle of this nervous situation, Bejoy was innocent enough to get stuck with a stranger.

He was talented enough to attract the child with his weird dressing sense. He wore a skinned mask with a hat that numbered 816 on it and with many props in hand like a professional magician.

He had a long iron stick which he did not use and kept hanging on his hip patch holder.

The stranger looked very scary as his weird tricks reflected his badassness. Though Bejoy felt happy and excited at his magic tricks, he started to feel insecure and bit shaky as his behavior was the real reason behind it.

He seemed to be abnormal as he decided to be a mad man.

Suddenly the stranger made some kind of illusion after which both of them were in Bejoy’s house. The little boy could not realize how it happened in a fraction of a second but he could find that his dog Happy was missing at that time.

On the other hand, White was broken and cried on the ground as she could not find her child even after the crowd dissolved at the market.

It was about 10.30 pm when the stranger and Bejoy surprisingly got into his house. The weird man looked like a person who was mentally oppressed and exploited.

He seemed to be rude but very silent and dangerous enough to the core. White found her dog on the way and Happy helped to search for her child for the whole night.

It started raining heavily. The search went crucial as time flew fast.

Mother, out of absolute nervousness got tired of searching for a long while without food and water.

She fainted on the road feeling helpless. Happy felt very drowsy because now only he could realize that he was injected by a flying arrow injector from somewhere around his lawn when he was at home.

So he also fainted a few feet beside where White fainted. The situation became worse as no one was available to save Bejoy from the ruthless monster.

He could do anything dangerous for Bejoy if he wants to do it for his happiness.

The clock rushed to midnight. The moment at which Bejoy saw him with fear, the stranger looked very dangerous as he slowly took his long sharp knife from his portable tool kit that he had with him from the beginning.

The moment when the stranger came to stab the child, everything became empty and black.

It was the same minute I got shocked and woke up nervously from my bed. I sweated a lot and my mom was surprised to see the reactions of this abstract phenomenon from me. This was the story I dreamt about a couple of days before.

Although the dream was dreadful, it left me with many questions like who am I in this story? Why am I getting this kind of dangerous dream? Does it have any purpose to tell me about? Who was that creepy guy? Why should he attack Bejoy alone?

A dream is always a mystery of strange pixels of scenes combined.

The story in my dream had no specific start and a definite finish.

I felt awe-struck when I saw the time in my smartwatch which showed 8:16 am when I got up from my bed. The number 816 is fishy to the core.

It was a freaky coincidence, I think.

Mystery in Number 816. was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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action fiction horror mystery novel

Wolf Whispers — Chapter Twenty Four

The enemy comes up with a new trick.

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