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Diving inside nature can make a difference:)

Photo by Jonas Denil on Unsplash

Nature has its way of teaching, we just need to get tuned in that particular way. This small gesture of nature that we see around, if observed purely, gives us greater knowledge and experience which beautiful in its way. Maybe we are just living with it and not getting along, maybe. The best quality of nature is it shared everything, even the bad and good. Have a ride in the woods and get filled with new aspirations, new ideas, or sit near a lake and paint, write or sing. Within and along with nature every moment is inspiring. It is up to individuals while getting admiration, the way we lookout, and our perspective and our thoughts.

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.”- Albert Einstein

Beautiful things, don’t ask for attention the same is the case with nature. It is uniquely created by itself and is beautiful and authentic. Feeling the presence of the living world around us elevates the spirit. Nature is naturally designed and is truly great. Particularly talking about inspiration in architecture, then looking at the bird’s nest on trees near my house is beautiful and is so well constructed, and, yes it is constructed by the natural designer. It is so beautiful and natural. These types are so natural and inspiring, here architecture looks to the organism itself.

And there are many nature-inspired buildings by the great architect and for me, they are masterpieces and incredible. Like Birds Nest Stadium in Beijing, it is designed with natural ventilation and lightening, the use of renewable geothermal energy is great. The termite mound is also self-efficient and is so well designed. These bird nests, termite mounds, caves, nest in the sand, or homes in stones, different natural shapes with the natural flow are naturally designed. These natural buildings act as a natural part of the environment so there is no resistance or any harmful effects through them. Such examples can be seen in different fields and art, it’s just how we look at them. They’re so much more and deeper if go inside, and will make us the best version.

“The wonderful things about nature’s workmanship is how, faced with that limitation, it takes everything within it that seems broken, old, and useless transforms it into itself and makes new things from it. So that it doesn’t need material from any outside source, or anywhere to dispose of what’s leftover. It relies on itself for all it needs: “SPACE, MATERIAL, and LABOUR.” as Says Marcus Aurelius

Nature is so full of things that, one can get inspired from each and every single element of it. It never hurries or rushes, it evolves slowly and rises to peak, and becomes best. It is like a gift box of surprises, miracles, and also most beautiful which is owned by everyone. “For me it is like awaking and sitting on the bed with one hand immediately opening the window to look for the inspiration for a new day. “

However, Write now if speak about getting inspired by nature than considering the current scenario of nature is also important, because right now the congested cities, concrete building, racing people and horning streets, these all are nature we can’t go to the woods every time to find inspiration. We need to evolve with nature and situations. But in any circumstances nature is only giving, we should only know to take it like a precious gift that we can ever have.

Nature is truly inspiring and it continues to inspire, so I can only say is, let’s devote ourselves to nature where nature is the inspiration for all creations and ornamentation.

“NATURE AS NATURAL INSPIRATION….” was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Genba and A Walk in the Woods

An Exercise In Mindfulness

Somewhere Out There In the Pacific Northwest — Photo Courtesy of Scott Hisey (Author) 2019

To begin with, Genba is a Japanese word translating to “the actual place”. It is often associated with Lean Manufacturing and the Toyota Production System. Genba is all about getting out of the office and going out to see something. Sounds simple enough however truly seeing something can be difficult as our minds are filled with thoughts, assumptions and distractions. Think about losing your keys or phone. No matter how hard you try to remember where you last saw them your memory just cannot recall.

As I work towards a life experience that is more integrated and aware, I wanted to write an article about observation. Working as a researcher, one would assume that my powers of observation are strong. This couldn’t be further from the case! My conscious mind is filled with “noise”. Learning to see is a challenge and just like any other skill, it takes practice and self-reflection to develop. Spending time in nature is a great way to improve one’s powers of observation.

When you take a walk in the woods alone, what is your experience? Are you overwhelmed with thoughts related to life and work or are you able to relax and enjoy nature? If the latter, how observant are you of the ecosystem around you?

I will confess that often I am part of the 1st category. When I start off on a trail, my mind is still clinging to the material world. I am thinking about bills, schedules, things to do, etc. It usually takes me a while to get into the zone and achieve some basic level of equilibrium with my surroundings. Our minds will create many distractions. In meditation or mindfulness exercises, one needs only to acknowledge these thoughts and distractions to begin opening up to see what is truly in front of them.

When I get started on a hike, I typically walk for 5–10 mins and when a spot “speaks” to me, I have a seat and spend a few minutes in silence. By simply observing how busy my brain is, I am able to continue on my hike more open and aware of the world around me. Walking in the woods is a great way to sharpen our powers of observation. If you want to take it a step further bring a sketch book, sit down, open it and sketch your experience.

In my work life, before going to Genba (the actual place) or beginning a research activity, I like to engage the research team in a little ritual. By spending 10–15 minutes writing down all of our presumptions and assumptions about our research subject(s), we are able to move beyond these distractions and approach our work with hopefully less cognitive bias. Becoming aware of our thoughts can help prepare us to “see”.

My intent here is to encourage you, whether in your work or your free time to let go of the thoughts which are ruling your experience. Find something which works for you to acknowledge your thoughts and then file them away for another time. Be open to the experience around you and enjoy!

Genba and A Walk in the Woods was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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