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Rum and Raisin with a Sparkler

She was tired of Vanilla love and Vanilla Sex! She was looking for the real thing!

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Rum and Raisin with a Sparkler

Sarah was not concentrating! She stood behind the counter and looked at the coffee machine in front of her. She was in what her grandmother would have called a tizzle. I wonder if that word even existed Sarah asked herself. It was just the type of word that her grandmother would have made up. Basically it meant that you were feeling very unfocused and lost in yourself. And she was feeling very unfocused this morning. Making the wrong orders. Adding milk to coffee which wasn’t meant to have milk and generally getting things very mixed up. Although it wasn’t just a case of getting things mixed up. She just wasn’t concentrating. Her mind was on something completely different. She was thinking about men. About men and relationships .
That was something else her grandmother had said. Men only want a woman for two things. For sex and to have someone to feed them. But things have changed. Maybe not for everybody but very definitely for me, Sarah. I think I want sex more than any man I’ve met she said to herself quietly. I want sex often and on my terms I wonder what my grandmother would have said about that! It was a different generation.
And I know plenty of men who are very happy to
cook. So what is actually wrong with my life? It is very difficult for me to say. Because, when you think of it, I’ve got nothing to complain about. My partner loves me, respects me and really tries hard to understand me. How many woman can say that? More to the point how many can say that yet still be unhappy? I’m happy in a way but it’s all just too predictable! It makes the whole relationship just so vanilla! And I want chocolate or rum and raisin with a sparkler in it!
It all came to a head when the management and the customers started to complain. What Sarah had done was to try and make the ordering more simple she gave everybody a long black. Obviously this annoyed many of the customers causing the complaints.
Sarah stopped her daydreaming and started concentrating on her job. Pull yourself together she told herself you need this job.
But before she settled back to making more cups of coffee she told herself. This is for now I will carry on
with things as they have been. But if ever I meet somebody different , someone who lights up a new flame inside me , someone who allows the real me to live, I am going to follow that dream.
And, for the next three months it was pretty much business as usual for Sarah. She worked hard at the coffee shop during the day and spent the evenings enjoying her “ vanilla” relationship with Steve.
But, she never forgot the pact she had made with herself. When, and if, the “real” thing turned up she would follow her instincts. Then one Sunday morning it happened and things were about to change forever.. It was the voice that did it first. She was busy making coffee when she heard the man placing his order with the cashier.
There was something very special in that voice. She knew immediately that he was the one. It was the type of voice which excited her. She knew that she would listen to every word that he said .
She looked across at him. Casually dressed he was tall, strongly built, and had a friendly presence about
him. She was scared to make eye contact with him. It’s too early she thought that can wait. There is no point in rushing things she told herself I’m not in a hurry.
But she was.
And she knew that if something was going to happen between her and this new man it was going to happen today. And she was going to instigate things.
She watched him as he sat waiting for his order. She was thrilled and fascinated. Amazed at just how intensely she could focus on one man. I will need to follow him when he leaves she thought.
She told the manager that she had made an urgent medical appointment and would be back as soon as possible. “I hope it’s nothing serious?” “No, just one of those things!” Said Sarah. Getting her bike, which was chained up just outside the cafe, she put on the helmet and waited for “her” man.
He seemed to take his time and that kept Sarah waiting. But it gave her time to think and to plan her actions. Then suddenly he was there striding towards his car. Sarah followed him slowly until he got in his car, then, mounting her bike she rode behind him, sometimes coasting and at other times battling to keep up.

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

As with much of suburban Perth the terrain was pretty flat. For that Sarah was eternally grateful. She only just kept up. Oh my god I hope he doesn’t live in Joondalup or somewhere like that she said to herself. But she was lucky. Once they had exited the shopping areas he made his way towards a very new, very flash block of apartments. He pulled into the underground car park and Sarah chained her bike to a pole outside the front of the building. She took her time and waited a while before entering the foyer . She didn’t want to bump into him but she also didn’t want to lose contact with him. She found him in the middle foyer checking his mail. She approached as close as she dared and checked his mailbox number 509! She had the number of his apartment . She felt like some private detective on an old fashioned TV show.
She waited while he took a lift to the fifth floor. Then she gave him a 5 minute interval and followed him up. The apartment was towards the end of a corridor. She tried the door but it was locked. She listen carefully she could hear the shower running. He had come home to a quick shower. She did not see the reason in ringing the front door bell while he was in the shower. But she wanted to get into his apartment. After all it would be far better to be in there and meet him inside the apartment than meet on the doorstep where he could refuse to open the door. You must be positive she said to herself. Of course he’ll want to see you.
But there is no point in getting stuck outside the apartment she thought, The kitchen window was slightly open. I’m sure I could clamber over and get in that way. Suddenly she was in the kitchen. Gosh that was easier than I thought it would be she said to herself. She sat down at the counter in the kitchen and waited for him. This doesn’t seem to put me in a very positive light she thought.
Let me go and look at the lounge room.
It was large and luxuriously furnished. She sat on one of the chairs and then tried the couch. I feel much better on the couch she thought. Yes I think I’d make a much more positive impression from the couch. Especially if I curl up a little and look sexy in
1930’s style! She waited for a while trying to hold the pose and then got bored. No she said to her self I must take the bull by the horns and do something different. Something that will make me stand out from all the others. Something that will be totally me. Something that will be totally the new me.
The plan came to her as if it had always been written in the script. If he was going to take so long in the shower she would meet him in the shower, naked! Like a nymph appearing from the steam. That would surely liven up his shower!

Photo by Skyler King on Unsplash

She started to undress there and then, folding her
clothes neatly and placing them on the coffee table. She took a quick look at herself in the mirror in the hallway (looking pretty hot she thought, even if I say so myself )! Then moving very quietly, so as not to disturb the guy in the shower , she slowly opened the bathroom door and slid into the steamy haze. It took a while to get used to her surroundings. The shower was very loud and the room was filled with steam. She thought she heard him singing above the noise of the water. But as she listened more carefully she realised that he wasn’t singing but rather talking to himself in the shower. She couldn’t hear what he was actually saying but was intrigued that he like to talk to himself.
Then he must have turned the shower off and there was a strong sense of silence after the noise of the water. Suddenly she heard a woman’s voice. “Glenn I am telling you I’m sure I heard the bathroom door open. There is somebody in the apartment.” “OK”, said a male voice, ”if it makes you feel any better I will go and check.” Sarah didn’t wait around. She slipped quietly out of the bathroom closing the door behind her. Then grabbing her clothes in one hand, she climbed naked through the kitchen window.
Hurrying down the corridor looking for somewhere to change she couldn’t stop thinking of him. Fancy that woman calling him Glenn she thought he doesn’t even look like a Glenn!

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