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“We have art so as not to die of the truth.” -Nietzsche

ornate filigreed carving of mid portion of a cow’s skull crossed diagonally by a double rainbow
Author’s photo of carved cattle skull
Complete cow skull intricately carved in filigree adorned with a red Santa hat between the 2 black curved horns
Author’s photo of carved cattle skull

If the question be art, beauty is necessity staring down dread.

If the answer be art, let it be bind our wounds.

If you make art, be recklessly un-ensconced.

If you mock art, you will return to weep.

If you fall into art, there will be no hand holds.

If you are death, be filigreed and frowned.

If death silences, chimeric words will crackle from the page.

If death is unpublished, bastards will have their wicked posthumous way.

If death whispers, it is to command life.

Any death but death from truth.

A large tree is growing from a grave, the fence has been broken and a tombstone is displaced leaning on an angle.
Author’s photo of Dunedin Graveyard, New Zealand

“We have art so as not to die of the truth.” -Nietzsche was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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