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The night sky that talks to me

Picture Credit Photo by Nacho Rochon on Unsplash

I was on my terrace where I usually meditate, it is my usual spot. I roam around the sky, with my eyes, sipping the cold breeze, one at a time. Meanwhile, I felt the sky talking, everything, every time something new and this has always been something I need to hear in life.

I saw a deer, a pretty deer. I’m not fond of the deary-deer though. But the way clouds created the figure, with a feminine touch, I felt I could relate that beauty. Dusk it was today, as I checked the time and the event on the internet, 6:13, 2/5/2020, and coincidence, could I be amazed any more?

I thought the sky wanted to convince me that I was pretty much a deer, and the time I wanted to digest it and run this information in my blood, blush of the wind made my hair stubborn enough to make me look the other way for a while. Clueless about what the universe wanted to convey today. Saw a HORSE, and for some reason, I felt it was the dark horse. Darkhorse because the horse made up of the cloud was floating in the dark sky. The night sky. The sky that talks to me.

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