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Mask-ulinity Versus Famine-inity

A debate between Yin and Yang

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In our being, each one of us is divided in two extremes, east and west, believer and non believer, similarly, there is a polarity of our sexuality that we hold on to, based on how the society expects to see us. This mentality is borrowed genetically, the rest is a work of conditioning.

It’s a shame that man has reached the moon, invented nuclear weapons, machines to manipulate weather, internet, but hasn’t evolved spiritually. Of course, we cannot expect a utopian society, but we can try to contribute to this world, as much as we can.

As a soul born in this body, I identify myself as a man based on my genitalia, just as I identify myself as a person based on my past. Intellectually, I do not agree with this image, but this deep rooted belief has it’s way of maintaining authority over my feminine side. This internal patriarchy is what I call, Mask-ulinity — a facade to cover the oppression of the feminine energy.

Similarly, we are witnessing a rise in the feminine energy — also known as, feminism, which I believe is the polar opposite of patriarchy. When one’s feminine energy erupts like a Volcano, after years of oppression, there is chaos within the system. The feminine side tries to take back its power and in that process, it oppresses the masculine side. This is what I call, Famine-inity — a drought of masculine energy, due to control of the feminine.

The collective conflict between the two energies in human civilization, will take us away from our true nature. We are microcosmic species, in the midst of evolution, and shall truly progress, once individually and collectively, there is harmony between the two halves. Once we learn to embrace our wholeness, we shall live the way we were meant to.

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