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Immortal love

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels


A few verses on love that never fades

They say love fades away in due course.
I know true love does not succumb to time.

Even after these many years,
She still possessed that unique power
To cause a tempest in my heart with a mere look in the eye.

With a twitch of her lips ever so slightly,
She can set off on a course of dreams.

Love never has a past tense.
There is no “had loved,”
Only “am loving.”

’Tis a one way path,
Once taken, there’s no retraction.

Love is omnipresent, it’s ubiquitous.
Everywhere in the world people love,
But for the people in love, that love means the world to them.

And so it was the world, to me.
And unrequited and sparsely-returned it was though,
It was love, nevertheless.

Immortally so.

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