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Mask-ulinity Versus Famine-inity

A debate between Yin and Yang

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In our being, each one of us is divided in two extremes, east and west, believer and non believer, similarly, there is a polarity of our sexuality that we hold on to, based on how the society expects to see us. This mentality is borrowed genetically, the rest is a work of conditioning.

It’s a shame that man has reached the moon, invented nuclear weapons, machines to manipulate weather, internet, but hasn’t evolved spiritually. Of course, we cannot expect a utopian society, but we can try to contribute to this world, as much as we can.

As a soul born in this body, I identify myself as a man based on my genitalia, just as I identify myself as a person based on my past. Intellectually, I do not agree with this image, but this deep rooted belief has it’s way of maintaining authority over my feminine side. This internal patriarchy is what I call, Mask-ulinity — a facade to cover the oppression of the feminine energy.

Similarly, we are witnessing a rise in the feminine energy — also known as, feminism, which I believe is the polar opposite of patriarchy. When one’s feminine energy erupts like a Volcano, after years of oppression, there is chaos within the system. The feminine side tries to take back its power and in that process, it oppresses the masculine side. This is what I call, Famine-inity — a drought of masculine energy, due to control of the feminine.

The collective conflict between the two energies in human civilization, will take us away from our true nature. We are microcosmic species, in the midst of evolution, and shall truly progress, once individually and collectively, there is harmony between the two halves. Once we learn to embrace our wholeness, we shall live the way we were meant to.

Mask-ulinity Versus Famine-inity was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Patriarchy Makes No Sense To Me!

My take on patriarchy. Read and absorb, no offence guys😉

Men here. Men there. This is what we are used to see. To see a woman at the top level was one thing that amazed me even as a kid cause it was too normalized for men to hold all the higher positions and be the most responsible citizens. Don’t take me as an angry feminist but man, that was something! Father had to giye you the approval to go out when mother’s opinion didn’t matter. Men gave their points of view to run most of the aspects in society and we had to compromise most of the time. Our voices were hardly heard. Our mothers and grandmothers had it in the worst way. Men could have any number of affairs but the woman had to be an untouched object before marriage to claim her purity. Wives had to leave their home, thier jobs and take a totally different role. Women had to cook. Women had to wash your clothes. Women had to take care of the household. Women had to raise the kids. And this goes on and on. And do I need to tell you the ruler behind all these? Damn patriarchy! You suck!

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I grew up in a home where women made it happen, with or without a man. The fact of the absence of a man very rarely bothered. So this made zero sense to me at times. As a kid, I kind of needed to have my mother’s sirname too. But I learnt that is not how it is done here. So we had to compromise! Like most of the time. But then we learnt. Learnt what is happening around us. Learnt the reason why women are being raped in the daylight and the cases go unheard, why little girls had to be protective even from their own family members starting from the earliest ages, why we get catcalled and had zero things to do before smart phones came to play their part. I wanted to feel equal!

Let me now tell you why patriarchy makes no sense to me. Patriarchy as described in the simplest form is the concept of the establishment of society where male head takes the role of the leader. Now take a look at the male figures around you. Now rethink. Are they all emotionally available? Are they patient and concious? Are they able to address your concerns equally? How has the society made them operate? Just like brown aunties expect you to become a fair skinned girl with long hair and no tattoos, this society expect our males to hide their emotions, the society taught them it is not “manly” to show your emotions and cry. So they hide their feelings and hardly express them. Making them unable to express emotions and always demanding them to be the leader has amounted to things we couldn’t predict. What if you hardly find a man who is strong enough to express their emotions? This society mocks them. Their feelings are no longer held valid.

We see husbands who beat their wives. Sons who would never listen to their mothers. Sons who have no idea how to be independent and take care of their self. You think these male figures are strong enough to be leaders? Don’t get me wrong but here is a big NO from me! To be a leader, you have to be strong. You need the ability to tolerate and listen to your followers and I hardly see this. Males with too much ego who can’t understand their own mistakes, and who will never apologize for their mistakes will never be good leaders. So voila! Patriarchy sucks! And I hope you get it just like me!

One thing I noticed recently is how much this society expects women to fail at their job just because they are used to see men getting the work done. You clap at Jacinda cause she did a hella great job. Now imagine the blacklash she would be receiving if she failed at her job just like most of the nation leaders did recently? It would not be the same. People are bussy with finding faults because they are not used to see women getting the job done. We need to normalize this. It would never be normalized if there is no equality. Think of all the women around you who set aside their career goals and dreams just cause she had to start a family. The gravity of family commitments always ranked higher on women no matter what! And that is not equality.

Let’s just feel equal from this generation. Equality I demand means both men and women get to step the ladder with equal opportunities. Both get the equal amount of family commitments. Naturally the abilities in men and women are different. The equality I demand accepts their strengths and weaknesses and help them achieve more and succeed. Their roles should not be burdens they had to carry on their shoulder just because that is how the tradition shaped it to be.

Let’s for once in this damn life be equal and feel loved in the same way!

Patriarchy Makes No Sense To Me! was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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