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Introduction: Andrew McNeal

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A poem from personal experience

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Words in Unexpected Places

Read a bit of poetry every day

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I’m a New Airbnb Host, and I Don’t Care to Become a Superhost

I can still be a great host without the Superhost badge

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5 Things I Learned From a Week of Writing on Medium

A week ago, I discovered this incredible platform as a way to share my writing and thoughts. Over these past 7 days I learned quite a bit about how I got my views, reads, claps, and followers. Today I will share the 5 things I learned from a week writing on Medium.

1. Clap! Clap! Clap!

I don’t care what they tell you about writing your best work and that the views will just come. My personal experience taught me that you won’t just start off with thousands of instant views. Maybe I’m not as a good a writer as you are, but most of my views came from me reading and clapping other people’s work, in the hopes that in return, that will clap mine.

I know this might sound like a morally wrong thing to do, but generally, I clapped work I liked written by people that needed that extra push, just like I do. No one is being used if everyone benefits from this.

If your writing is exceptional, and you have the patience to wait until a big publication accepts your submission, you won’t need any of this. In that case, you’re all set and the views will soon come in their thousands. But as I suspect this isn’t the case for most, I think clapping other’s people work, can be to your benefit.

2. Share Your Personal Experiences

Out of the few stories I have submitted so far, the ones that have done best were those that were either my real-life experiences, or logical, fictitious stories written in first-person perspective as if they were real. Anything can be interesting to a reader, so find something unique you can tell about yourself and go out there and tell it!

3. Titles are Everything

The content of your story is important for attracting followers and making sure viewers read your post in its entirety, but in order to bait readers into checking out your work, titles are everything.

In my opinion, my best work is ‘Letter of Confession’. Anyone that I asked to read it was hugely impressed, but on Medium, it didn’t do so well. I think that ties into the fact that the title of the story isn’t what Medium readers are after.

Medium readers are in constant search of ways to improve their writing, add to their income, and learn new things. ‘Letter of confession’ is none of that. An enticing title is one that immediately draws you in. Think of what title would make you click, ask friends, family, take your time with it, it’s really that important.

4. The Community is Great

When I first joined Medium, I truly didn’t expect the other writers to be so friendly and willing to help. I had someone very kind comment on my work, only to then recommend books, videos and give me tips to improve my writing. Through browsing other stories, I saw others that were keen to help new writers adapt to the platform.

These people can help you, so be kind towards them as they are towards you, and don’t be afraid to start a conversation.

5. Experiment a Bit

Most importantly, you must try whatever you want. Try different methods, write in different styles, listen to tips given by others. You have nothing to lose, so why not attempt the most you can? You might find new things through trial and error, that will lead you to finding your way to influence others on this platform.

I must say, I’m not a huge success on Medium(yet), but the little experience I accumulated here has taught me enough to advise others.


Enjoy Yourself

5 Things I Learned From a Week of Writing on Medium was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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