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And so it goes


It’s life, many would say

But it doesn’t mean much anyway

Image by the Author

There are truths that are too hard to take,

there are feelings we know can break

you into pieces and leave you to bleed

wishing life was still a dream.

Covering your eyes and ears

you breathe

trying to find the way to live

through all the doubt and pain,

through the feeling things are not the same.

It’s the fine thread of emotion

that is giving you notion

of an end being near,

that you dismiss out of fear

of being alone in the world

that is putting you on the pillar of shame

for not having a man.

I would rather have your honesty than lies,

I would rather have tears then fake smiles.

In the end, I will be left alone anyway,

with or without you in my bed.

It is me who will pay the price

for believing little white lies

that a feeling is still alive.

Until someone better comes long

and you start singing a different song.

Heart will shake and maybe break

but I know my worth

and all that I hold dear

I will let go without fear

just so I can start my journey

into the land of tears and fury.

Restless and hurt I will wonder

retracing the steps through time

where you once were mine.

I will morn our love with tears

that will wash away all the fears

of the future that will come

after all is said and done.

It is life, many would say,

but it doesn’t mean much anyway.


~ Iva

And so it goes was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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