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Writing secrets for aspiring writers

Fast growing Medium publications, such as ILLUMINATION or The Bad Influence, let you grow your writing audience as the publications grow.

You can join these publications as they start their rocket into the pantheon of larger publications while they are on their early rise. It is easier to get published in these publications than in other places.

You are not too late to start writing and receiving hundreds and thousands of views for your poetry, writing and other works.

Your source is here for how to write and start earning on along with links to several fast growing publications accepting new writers.

If you want to write on Medium, or are already writing as a author, you will learn much from the information written here. writing secrets and tips

Part 1: Quick Start How to Succeed on Medium:

How to Achieve Success on

5 Writing Secrets They Don’t Want Writers to Know writing secrets on video

Videos: Making Money Online by Writing for Medium by Shelby Church

Shelby Church tries writing for and vlogs about her article writing experience.

Shelby Church’s first month saw low earnings, but her second month did really well.

Her first video gives a great overview on how to get started on and her second video shows her Medium earnings after she figured out the system to obtain views.

Shelby’s stories made $6,000 during her second month.

The secret seems to be to get published in large publications. Luckily for you, if you are getting started out, you can submit your work to ILLUMINATION, one of the fastest growing publications.

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Part 2: Learn to write by reading


ILLUMINATION is the fast-growing publication that is creating quality stories by the minute. Read stories, prose, and poetry from all around the world in ILLUMINATION.

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The Bad Influence

Another up-and-coming publication you should be writing for these days as it gains readers at a rapid pace. I would say publishing here and for ILLUMINATION are great ways to launch your writing journey.

The Bad Influence’s latest stories on writing tips

Red Curtain Erotica writing tips

Diversified Medium Feeds

Selections of awesome Medium publications, including: The Bad Influence, The Intoxicating Unhinged Mind, Red Curtain Erotica, Publisher’s Spotlight (bespoke ILLUMINATION articles), and stories from Chris Hedges!

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News updates because writers keep informed about their world writing tips

A little about me, Chris Hedges: writing tips
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